Exploring Different Ways to Promote Your Upcoming Conference

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Many organizations and institutions nowadays organize conferences, workshops and similar events to facilitate sharing of ideas and information. Likewise, a steady increase is also being noted in the number of researchers, students, professionals and entrepreneurs attending conferences regularly to know and discuss emerging industry trends.

But the organizers still need to focus on many things to make the conference successful. As an organizer, you must promote the conference aggressively by targeting the relevant audience to ensure maximum turnout. You also have option to promote your upcoming conference through a number of channels.

Evaluating Different Options to Promote Your Upcoming Conference

Social Media: The popular social networks allow organizers to promote their upcoming conference in a number of ways. For instance, you can promote the conference by creating an event or a page on Facebook. Likewise, you can promote the event on LinkedIn to target professionals and entrepreneurs. But you need to make and implement a proper social media marketing strategy to reach out to more audience.

Blogs: You also have option to convey information about the conference to prospective participants by writing blogs. The blog will help you to mention all aspects of the conference clearly, along with convincing readers to attend the event. You can even promote the blog on social networks and other online platforms to attract more participants.

Webinars/Podcasts: A number of studies have highlighted the effectiveness of online videos to keep the audience engaged and convey the desired message in a few minutes. You can consider making a webinar or podcast to convey all aspects of the conference to prospective participants in a more effective way. Also, you have option to upload the video clips to popular online video sharing platforms, and promote the podcasts/webinars on popular social networking platforms.

Email Marketing: You can also use emails as a powerful tool to convey details of the conference to many prospective participants. But you have to put some amount of time and effort to collect the email ids of a large number of researchers, students, professionals and entrepreneurs. You can avail the assistance of a reliable conference website to promote the event by sending email audience to a large number of relevant participants.

Press Releases: Despite being a conventional tool, press releases are still effective in promoting an event by targeting relevant audience. You have option to get the press release published on relevant newspapers and magazines or posted on various websites. The press releases will help you to promote the conference in a more organized and professional way.

Like other smart organizers, you can take advantage of a reputable conference website to promote your upcoming event by targeting relevant audience but without putting extra time, effort and money. In addition to providing the conference listing option, the website will further convey information about your conference to its subscribers by sending email alerts.

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