Conferences in the field of Science in Sydney for March 2020

Scientific researchers and technical analysts assemble in different countries to exchange ideas and promote academic exploration in the field of science. These international conferences create platforms for science students and scholars all across the globe to present their views and serve the world. A series of such seminars and conferences are going to be held in Dubai in March 2020.

Top three conferences in the month of March are as follows:

  1. International Conference on Advances in Mathematics, Physics and Applied Science (ICAMPA)

ICAMPA aims to provide a forum for the discussion of all the recent researches and white papers of scientists with regards to Mathematics, Physics, and Applied Science. This conference gives opportunities for delegates to discuss new ideas and advanced applications.

Venue for the conference – Syndey, Australia

Date – March 22, 2020

For more details – ICAMPA – Sydney

  1. International Conference on Industrial, Production & Systems Engineering (ICIPSE)

The main agenda of ICIPSE is to make available a platform for the presentation of various research and results of scientists pertaining to Industrial engineering, Production & Systems Engineering.

Venue for the conference – Syndey, Australia

Date – March 22 2020

For more details – ICIPSE – Sydney

  1. International Conference on Smart Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering (ICSTAICE)

ICSTAICE seeks to provide an international platform for the discussion and exchange of ideas of delegates from around the world. It includes all the latest research done in the fields of Smart Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Engineering.

Venue for the conference – Syndey, Australia

Date – March 22, 2020

For more details – ICSTAICE – Sydney

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