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Most Awe-Inspiring Conference in India

Looking for some conferences that will give you some greater insight on your subject? Or are you simply looking for some conference to increase your general knowledge? Conference alerts is the place you should be keeping a tab on, to know every important upcoming Conference in India. Here you can expect to get not just…

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How To Fund Expenses For Attending Conferences

Fund expenses for attending the conferences becomes a difficult issue as many scientists and researchers think rustling up their funds by spending a few thousand dollars will make it easy. But a small amount money even becomes difficult to secure. Usually people start up hunting the money before six months of the conference and it…

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Should Academic Conferences Follow a Strict Code of Conduct?

Before stepping into the details with this topic, let me first discuss about the meaning and definition of “Code of Conduct”. A code of conduct is defined as a set of rules defining or tracing the social norms, rules and responsibilities of, or it may again be called some proper practices for, an individual, party…

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