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How to Write and Submit a Conference paper

Before entering into the mainstream of the topic one should know what actually is meant by the term conference paper. A conference paper is often a written document which is accompanied by an oral representation. It’s a way/process of bringing out new ideas and presenting it in front of individuals and in return gaining valuable…

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Top 10 Conferences on Knowledge Engineering

Conferences have been used since centuries to instill passion about a subject, inform other scientists about advances and innovations, build common joint platforms for pursuing works together, and for generating future academic interests in students. Knowledge engineering in particular has received popularity and support from all layers of society and all corners of the globe…

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How conference organizers can create better attendee experiences

While organizing a conference, organizers often face with a dilemma about how to create better attendee experiences. This leads to exploration of different ways like offering free lunches, creating space for workshops at the end of meetings, etc. However, to increase attendee experience, a general series of steps should be followed: Better Communication: Organizers really…

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