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Best Business Conferences in India & Why?

Business conferences in growing economies like India are important for both growth of businesses as well as creation and inclusion of trained personnel in business activities. Moreover, India has recently witnessed a startup boom, and many successful startups headed by young entrepreneurs had created a pan India footprint, and are looking towards expanding their operations…

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Top 10 Academic Conferences in 2019

Academic conferences are highly sought after by institutes engaged in researches, researchers pursuing their careers in these institutes or independent researchers and students who are willing to take up research projects. Global as well as national conferences attract all kinds of gifted minds and form an indispensable part of knowledge exchanges. Better connectivity, knowledge sharing…

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Top 10 Conferences on Nanotechnology in 2019

Nanotechnology is one of the areas where innovation has propelled at a pace unprecedented since the late 20th century. Almost every field has benefitted from nanotechnology innovations, be it development of green technology to application in medical sciences, our quality of life has witnessed a surge in ways never before observed. It is therefore only…

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How do you become a Conference Speaker?

Speaking in a conference is an art which is not mastered by all. It takes years of practice to become a very successful conference speaker. However, there are certain points which can be followed in order to become a successful conference speaker. 1):-  Speaking in a conference is all about entertaining the guests so that…

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