Upcoming Conferences at Bandung, Indonesia in February 2020

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Conferences are carnivals of knowledge, bringing together experts from all across the globe to deliberate and discuss about important and relevant matters happening universally. Attending conferences is a massive opportunity to increase knowledge as well as to build connections in the academic fields. Bandung, Indonesia is a hot-spot for a number of conferences in different academic fields this February.

Upcoming Conference in February 2020

  1. International Conference on Environment and Life Sciences (ICELS) intends to enlighten both the academics and scientists in their way of thinking and activities towards their discipline. Various aspects will be discussedextensively to reach adequate and unique solutions.

Date: 14th February 2020 – 15th February 2020

  1. International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sustainability (ICGES) hopes to make important and current information and details of this field available to students, experts and researchers. Various activities with recent findings and solutions will be discussed extensively.

Date: 14th February 2020 –15th February 2020

  1. International Academic Conference on Science, Ecological Agriculture and Forestry (IACSEAF) presents an opportunity for academics and experts to share information about currents developments and technological breakthroughs in this field. This conference intends to increase work caliber and reach desired goals.

Date: 24th February 2020 – 25th February 2020

  1. International Conference on Electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (ICEAIR) intends to present a unique forum for scientists, academics and experts to share information about current research ideas and technological breakthroughs in the fields. ICEAIR will undoubtedly contribute majorly to reach adequate and desired goals through proper strategies and agendas. Date: 25th February 2020 – 26th February 2020

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